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Addison 'Buz' Olian, photographer

When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence. — Ansel Adams

My first camera–which I still have–was a Kodak Brownie.  I buzzed around "taking pictures" before I knew what I was doing -- typical of most 8 year-olds. It was fun inserting tiny rolls of color Kodak film into my Brownie, snapping away, and seeing prints weeks later.  Play the tape forward:  I'm still having fun snapping away!

I'm the photographer who can't walk down a street and not see something or someone interesting that grabs my eye.

With my camera, I go wherever it takes me -- versus the other way around.  Maybe because I started out as a reporter and "smelled" where to find the real story.  As an ad man for forty years, I created advertising campaigns by not making things up, but by telling a brand's story in a compelling and provocative way.  

It's natural for me to find the person inside the persona or the truth inside the product.  I don't pose people or ask someone to pretend to be someone they aren't just for the camera. (That doesn't feel genuine or honest). People show me who they authentically are  –– which requires their trust and courage.      

My style? I click when the story reveals itself, not when I make it so. I use my intuition and senses along with serendipity.  Until a moment beckons, it's just desire. 

You know, it takes time to develop a solid body of work ... to know one's passion is evolving hopefully into extraordinary, maybe even marketable.  I'm seriously working on this. While doing so my photography has been published in magazines, newspapers, and in advertising. I've received dozens of awards, retained for assignments, and my photos have been curated for exhibition in art galleries.    

I invite you to check in again ... you might just be surprised at what you'll see next. Thank you for stopping by!  ~ AO 

Until then ... Feel there.  

To purchase prints, please contact Addison for details. Addison is available for commissioned work.  And to chat.  

P.S.  Where I live, Sausalito, California, nature is right outside my doorstep. I get into it daily to connect with spirit, people, things and it is meditative ... the water, mountains, sea breeze, and the quiet.  It enters and flows into being present, being a non-thinking human ... for awhile.  :-) 

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